Skype needs you

Let me be more precise: Skype needs you in Prague and only if you are a great software developer… The company plans to hire about 20 percent of the product-engineering workforce in Prague and I’ve learned about it from a huge Skype job advertisement that is posted next to the HP’s sales office.

I am really happy to see companies to open their development centers in Prague. On one hand it creates more competition for the talent but on the other hand it produces more and more experienced people with global skills. So while Skype needs us we need even more companies like Skype…


  1. Kris Tuttle says:

    Computer Associates also mentioned to me this week that they are going to be expanding their R&D center in Prague by about 100 people.

    Furthermore they compared Prague to other “offshore” development locations like India and said that due to high turnover in India and a high “no show” rate for new hires it’s hard to give them real product assignments versus simpler projects.

    The workforce in Prague however has the combination of technical prowess and professionalism to build real products.

    And of course at this point Prague also offers all those important amenities like good restaurants and excellent health clubs!

  2. Jiří Fabián says:

    >On one hand it creates more competition for the talent

    Well, local companies still might have an ace in their pockets like gardener training, prohibited weekend work, overblown processes covering wohnouts etc. 🙂

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