Revenge of Tongue Twisters

I am in Helsinki, Finland today and I have to say I am struggling with the local language a little bit. Google offers a Finnish version of Blogger only and so I am not 100% sure if Tämän blogitekstin luokkatunnisteet is the same as tags selection or what Ohjausnäkymä actually means.

But then I went to a local bar and I saw a name of a Czech beer written on the black board: Velkopopovicky Kozel! I really wonder how the local people manage to order one…


  1. Finns must love Czech beer. Some years ago I found a pub in Lahti with three Czech beers on the list. I think Kozel was one of them. And IMHO it’s the right choice.

  2. Tämän blogitekstin luokkatunnisteet
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  3. Roman, good point with ordering Velkopopovicky Kozel by Finns. My Finnish friends say just “one velko” when order the beer 🙂

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