Mario the Terrorist?

I fly so much that only very few things surprise me any more. But I was shocked to find out that Alitalia allows only non digital music players (Walkman) to be used on the board of its aircrafts during the flight and it specifically bans Nintendo GameBoy! I wonder who is the real villain here: Mario or Luigi?


  1. Alitalia is going down, which brings fear, which brings irrational management decisions.
    So not villain, but scared man, I think 🙂

  2. Kris Tuttle says:

    The comment reminds me of things big companies do as they begin to realize they are in trouble. Sometimes the first step is asking everyone to write business justifications for things like their periodical subscriptions and mobile phones. In this fashion they might cut 10% from non-core operating expenses but lose whatever little productivity they had in the process.

    Then they lose any remaining good people and can enjoy their misery until bankruptcy, a private equity buy-out, or a slow natural ceasing of operations.

  3. yvettep says:

    Yikes. We flew Alitalia last week and I heard them say no CD players allowed, but I didn’t catch the part about no GameBoys. My 7 year old used his Nintendo DS Lite during both our Alitalia flights. Good thing the Alitalia flight attendants aren’t actually enforcing these rules. 😉

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