I am very happy with my new compact digital camera: Canon G7. The last one I was this happy with was actually my first digital camera – Canon S40. And since then I tried multiple compacts from Casio, Sony and Canon but I got rid of all of them very quickly. The problem was either high noise, low sensitivity or other issues like purple fringe.

So far I don’t have these problems with G7 (here are some of my pictures) and I really like the the retro look and compact size. Some people complain about the lack of RAW format and vari-angle screen. I don’t miss either one: I use this camera to complement my Canon 5D and I plan to do very little of post-processing anyway. And I would always trade the rotating LCD display for the smaller size. And so it looks like this one is a keeper…


  1. Kris Tuttle says:

    How is the battery life? I had a Canon with a special battery like this and I always needed to travel with an extra and a charger which was a pain. I found normal batteries an easy solution, available anywhere, domestic or international.

  2. Roman, are you sure that this camera is “compact”? 😀

  3. Roman Stanek says:

    It is actually very small without the accessories. Much smaller than G2

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