The ATM Mile

Flying involves very little exercise and this is probably why the Prague airport arranged for us – frequent travelers – the following run: the ATM Mile.

Almost everybody who lands in a foreign and non-Euro country needs some cash. But in Prague you should bring your sneakers as well. All four ATM machines (see picture below) are clustered in the far-flung and deserted corner of the airport. So if you don’t want to waste your time put the running shoes on and run. The benefits are clear – you will get stamina and cash at the same time. I am doing this exercise a few times a week and it really helped me to get in shape!


  1. Matthew Gertner says:

    Hilarious post. You’re absolutely right: the placement of the ATMs in Terminal 2 is totally baffling. I didn’t even notice them the first 2-3 times I fly into the new terminal.

    What you don’t mention is that the cash machines in Terminal 1 have always been conveniently located just outside the baggage claim exit. So the solution is obvious: if you absolutely, positively have to fly to a Schengen country, just change planes in London.

  2. Milan Boruvka says:

    🙂 Absolutely true. I was thinking exactly the same when I was always walking this looong “ATM mile”…(Good thing is that you have enough time to think about it thouroughly :-).
    The only understandable reason I found is that this location was enforced by the owners of the “Exchange counters” that are better placed in the middle of the building. So all foreigners passing customs give up the search for ATM machine and rather exchange their money at the counter 🙂

  3. Roman Stanek says:

    The explanation is simpler: The Prague airport is a state owned enterprise and so nobody really cares about the travelers…

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