Name of the Next Startup

One of the main advantages of starting a new company in Eastern Europe is the natural affinity of this part of the world with Web 2.0. More specifically the complete lack of vowels. While most start-ups struggle to find a catchy name, I can open some local newspaper and pick one.

I guess this is why so many entrepreneurs opt for Czech names: Dopplr (the new social network for frequent travelers) stands for “Your flight will be delayed” in Czech and wdgtbldr (Peter Yared‘s new company) translates as “JRad 3.0” in Czech (and Polish, Slovak and Croatian).

I thought long and hard about the name for my next company and I was not sure whether to call it or But then I came up with a non-Web 2.0 name with plenty of vowels. And therefore as of today I’ve become the Founder and CEO of Good Data Corporation.


  1. David Hajek says:


    I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with you over the past years. I wish you the best of luck with Good Data.


  2. Jiří Fabián says:

    Good luck with your new business, show must go on.

  3. Milan Boruvka says:

    I also wish all the best! (i.e. not only the good data, but 🙂

    Systinet was a great fun!

  4. First three letters are same as Google.. I wish you similar success!

  5. Web 2.0 went down in flames at OSCON anyway – so you are ahead of the curve. Good name.

  6. Good luck, Roman. Nice name…

  7. Peter Yared says:

    Are you sure that I can’t steal this name as well? Maybe for JRad 4.0… 🙂

  8. Roman,

    I wish you all the best.
    You’ll succeed again in what you are doing. You’ll move things forward. That’s cool.


  9. Ув, автор! Можете открыть статистику? Просто интересно))

    здесь видел ет


  1. […] Stanek Vowel deficiency makes the Czech language a perfect source for Web 2.0 start-up names. I wrote about it last summer but here is another example: the name of online multi user whiteboard tool […]

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