I love my MacBook Air!

Over last 17 years I used notebooks from Unisys, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Compaq, HP, Dell, IBM, Sony and Apple. But I was never so happy with any of these machines as I am now with my MacBook Air.

It’s lightweight, bright, fast and it has no moving parts. What else could I ask for? Standard MagSafe connector would be great so that I can use MB and MBP power adapters. And SSD could have bigger effect on the battery life.

I expect most of notebooks to look like MBA in 3 years. Once the price of used components goes down there will be no reason to carry anything bigger…


  1. Linux Guy says:

    Heh, actually, you don’t need a notebook. You’re just a bureaucrat who needs Firefox and some display… 🙂

  2. Roman Stanek says:

    You are absolutely correct. Most of my applications are hosted on large servers that I would not want to carry around. And they mostly run Linux which makes me a Linux guy as well… 🙂

  3. Linux Guy says:

    And also makes my grandmother a Linux girl :-). The point is that you paid too much for keyboard and display. But, you can afford it and for sure that’s the future. Enjoy! 🙂

  4. Why not IBM err Lenovo X300? I remember nice little IBM notebook lying on your desk during my NetBeans career…

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