BA: Long haul flight move to Terminal 5 has been delayed

Flight delays happen all the time but delayed terminal is quite unusual. However it is not entirely unexpected. Once I landed at the Brussels airport shortly after the Belgian king opened a new terminal. We waited and waited and then captain made the following announcement: “Sorry for the delay. We were assigned a gate that doesn’t exist yet”. I am sure nobody told the king the airport was not exactly finished…

Below is message I received from BA today:

Dear Mr Stanek

You may have heard the news today that British Airways and BAA (the London Heathrow airport authority) have agreed to defer the move of the majority of our long haul intercontinental flights from Heathrow’s Terminal 4 to Terminal 5. The move, originally planned for 30 April, will now begin in June.

Although we have seen a steady improvement at Terminal 5, we want to be sure that customers can be confident of high service standards when the terminal is handling larger numbers of passengers.

Both we at British Airways and BAA recognise that the opening of Terminal 5 has not been as smooth as we would have wished. We will be working with BAA to iron out any remaining problems, including the baggage system, and develop a robust timescale for phasing the move of Terminal 4 services in to Terminal 5. We believe it is only sensible to make sure that Terminal 5 is operating consistently at a high standard before the move begins.

We do not underestimate the uncertainty and inconvenience this delay may cause you if you have a trip planned in this period. Our priority is to continue making improvements to achieve the high levels of service our customers should expect from us as soon as possible.

A small number of long haul intercontinental flights have already moved to Terminal 5. These will be unaffected by the delay to the move of other flights.

We will provide more details of the move as soon as we review progress of the improvements being made. The latest information will always be available on

In the meantime, if you are planning to travel with British Airways on a long haul flight currently scheduled to operate from Terminal 5 after 30 April until 31 May, please check which terminal you will now be flying to or from by visiting or ask your travel agent for more information.

Warm regards,

British Airways

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