Expecation minus Delivery equals Frustration

This rule is as applicable to product management as it is to travel. I don’t expect to find my bag in Boston when I land there and so I won’t be frustrated. And I did expect long lines at Heathrow and I was not dissapointed…


  1. Ahoj Romane, co jsi to fotil za krasnou vodu, je mi to nejake povedome. Trochu jako Hracholusky u Pnovan. Tam jak je ten stary zeleznicni most, co se z nej spousti “horolezci” po lanech. Nebo to neni Mze? Divocina? Vypada to, ze jsi fotil z lode. Plavil ses po rece na lodi? Z te fotky vyzaruje klid. Diky za ni. Mej se a napis. Tomas


  1. […] When I came to Hertz in Boston on Monday evening there was no car waiting for me and the line queued outside all the way of the Hertz building. And so I went back to the airport and took a taxi. But again, I was not frustrated… […]

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