Making Good Data Level 1 Platform of Global SOA

I intentionally mixed two concepts in the title of this article. The first one is the concept of Internet platform as defined by Marc Andreessen here. And the second one is the Global SOA: the non-visual data and services portion of the World Wide Web. So what does it take to make Good Data a Level 1 platform and make it a good SOA citizen? Here is my list of interfaces:

Upstream APIs (REST/Atom):

Data integration processes access the following APIs to manage the data/metadata flow from the transactional systems into the hosted datawarehouse

– Physical model definition and management
– Bulk data import (CSV, XLS, XML)
– Event driven data load (feeds, ESBs)

Downstream APIs (REST/Atom/JavaScript):

Enterprise application (wikis, mashups, dashboards) use these APIs access the modeling, analytics and collaboration features of the platform

– Logical model definition and management (Attributes, Dimensions, Hierarchies)
– Report creation and execution
Metrics definition and modification
– Collaboration: tagging, comments, search

Federation APIs

Support for OAuth, OpenID, and others.

I am sure this is not a complete list and I even wonder what BI/DataWarehousing features could be provided by Level 2 platform…

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