LucidEra: the People Express of On-Demand BI?

I am not happy to see LucidEra disappearing. It is not a good sign for the SaaS BI market in general and the startups in our space specifically. And I still believe Rob Ashe (IBM/Cognos) was wrong when he said that “BI doesn’t lend itself to SaaS”.

There are some fundamental differences between first generation SaaS BI providers and cloud-based platforms like Good Data. Some of them are technological while others are simply common sense:

  • Good Data is based on true cloud architecture
  • We use Amazon Web Services to host our multitenant platform and so we have minimal fixed and very low variable costs.
  • We are true believers in Steve Blank’s Four Steps to the Epiphany, and the idea of spending over $20M before validating our go-to-market strategy is foreign to us.
  • Cookie-cutter pre-built analytics apps are should be the STARTING POINT for customers to try – not the conclusion of an enterprise sales process.
  • LucidEra was probably too expensive for small companies and too limited for large ones. And this is why we offer plain-vanilla NetSuite analytics for free.

I am sure we will see the era of success of on-demand analytics. The most useful analogy here is the disruptive business model of low cost airlines – it did not disappear after the demise of People Express airlines either…

PS. Good Data Offers Safe Harbor to LucidEra Customers (link)


  1. Is it official then that Lucidera is DOA?

  2. Uday Subbarayan says:

    The fundamental component for BI to work is ‘data’. The enterprise data is inside firewall. The SaaS BI is outside firewall.

    So, how does SaaS model generates intelligence out-of-the-data that is buried deep inside the firewall?

    I think this is the reason LucidEra is dead. (the customer list is mostly startups and they have no BI need, anyway…)

  3. And remember a *lot* of database companies failed in competing with Oracle before MySQL came along and had a more disruptive model. I can’t count how many companies tried to “out Oracle” Oracle and lost that battle. It will create some questions for a while, but it is inevitable that there will be some tactical failures along the way. Good thing is you can learn from their lessons.

    (And not that it requires the incumbents to fail. At MySQL we always co-existed with Oracle…)



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