NetBeans Early Avant-Guard Poetry Site

Java was very young when we launched NetBeans ten years ago. Our website was one of the early information sources for the language and we were flooded with questions and comments from our users. Some of the messages were so special and poetic that we created an internal page called “NetBeans Early Avant-Guard Poetry Site” and our colleague Janet Haven analyzed some of them. Here is an example of poetic user comment and a review writen by Janet:

I try using NetBeans Developer,
So I want to know
NetBeans Developer.

Ikegami’s brilliant syncopated rhythm both mocks and reveres the traditions of his native land. Neither nature-oriented haiku, nor over-punctuated beatnik, Ikegami’s work straddles the East-West poetic divide with grace and skill. We look forward to hearing more from this master of the “Asian Fusion” school of poetry.

If you want to read more please put on a black beret, light a cigarette and follow this link.