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Zdenek “ZD” Svoboda joined the blogosphere a few days ago…

BI minus BS equals Good Data

Today starts a new chapter of my life. After a year of hard work my team and I are coming out of stealth mode and launching a new company: Good Data Corporation.

We’ve built a complete, on-demand business intelligence platform combining analytics, reporting, data warehousing and data integration. Our primary focus is collaborative analytics. We believe that sharing and teamwork will allow our users to move past isolated reports and arrive at the true meaning of “business intelligence.”

How is it different? It’s fast, it’s flexible, and it’s on-demand. We’ve packed a sophisticated bundle into a simple package. By focusing on the right features, we’ve eliminated feature bloat. And it’s secure, too.

We’ve been working hard, and I would love to hear your thoughts. If you would like to learn more about Good Data please visit http://www.gooddata.com.

We’ve moved!

This is the new address of Prague office:

Jindrisska 24, Prague 1

Only the best people can make Good Data

We are hiring staff that want to be challenged to the highest levels in building what we believe will fundamentally change the way data is analyzed and used to gain insights and make decisions. Despite the massive size of the industry today there has been a glaring lack of innovation that creates a large opportunity for us in a market where existing players all suffer from the innovators dilemma.

Today we are actively building the solution and are looking for best-in-class technical resources. Beyond simply meeting the requirements listed, applicants should be experienced in working in a demanding start-up environment where there is a minimum of wasted motion and corporate overhead.

More information about open positions here.

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