SOA is DOA. It’s time for WOA…

My excitement about the lack of TLAs lasted less than 24 hours:

WOA may soon eclipse SOA as most impactful business transformation agent | Dana Gardner’s BriefingsDirect

Three Letter Acronyms

One of the best aspects of working on a web based project is the complete lack of Three Letter Acronyms. I don’t really miss the hype around SOA, EAI, ESB, WS* or any other TLAs. And there was some substantial hype! The first article below illustrates the “Peak of Inflated Expectations” that SOA enjoyed back in 2004 and the second article takes us back to the reality:

BAA plans to ensure smooth customer service and operations through SOA
16 Nov 2004

BAA plans to ensure smooth customer service and operations when Heathrow Terminal 5 opens by introducing software linking up key information systems. The Sonic ESB enterprise service bus product was chosen following an in-depth EU approved OJEC procurement process, with the first systems set to go live in 2005 in preparation to the terminal’s opening in 2008..

Terminal 5 problems persist
April 5, 2008

A computer glitch in the baggage system at London’s Heathrow airport caused more delays Saturday at the airport’s new Terminal 5, officials said.

Since Terminal 5 opened last week, about 19,000 lost bags had to be transported to Milan, Italy to be sorted and hundreds of flights have been canceled

Q&A: SOA and BPM

I will be speaking in London on Tuesday about SOA @ HP to a group of 20+ European journalists and I am getting ready for some potential questions. One of the questions in my Q&A document is this one: What is the relationship between SOA and BPM?

I’ve heard this question many times before and every big SOA vendor has the same answer:

  1. SOA creates a set of services (ESB, network, fabric…) and these services are orchestrated by some clever BPM tool.
  2. BPM is for business people, SOA is for techies.

I absolutely disagree and this is why I was happy to read these two posts from Steve Jones yesterday. Here is a quote: “for most Services the concept of “Goals” will be more useful than the concept of “Process” “. It really brought back the memories of Radovan’s controversial business process blogging in 2003 and 2004.

So I know how I want to answer the BPM question on Tuesday and I can move on to the next potential question: What is HP’s acquisition strategy in the SOA area? Hmmm, I don’t think I will be blogging about this one…

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