Geeklandia Redux

David posted the following comment earlier today:

I better remember your post from two years ago, when you said there will be only 5 computers in the world. We’re almost there – EC2 and Google AppEngine is here, and others will follow soon (Microsoft, EMC…)

David, I wrote it almost four years ago on my Geeklandia blog. Here is the link to the original post in Czech and this is the English translation:

Back in 1943 Thomas J. Watson reputedly made the statement that there is going to be market for only five computers in the world. For sixty years we laughed at his apparent lack of vision but he who laughs last, laughs best. Count with me how many computers there will be in five years: 1. Google, 2. Yahoo!, 3. 4. eBay 5. MSN/Hotmail. (Posted on September 24, 2004)

Quote of the Day

Digital photography is slowly being accepted by photographers for some applications, and we at Leica AG believe that by the year 2025, even many consumers will have digital cameras in their houses.

Leica’s Chairman, Hanns-Peter Cohn, 2/24/2002